Peter Sarsgaard

John Peter Sarsgaard is an American actor. He landed his first feature role in the movie Dead Man Walking in 1995. He then appeared in the 1998 independent films Another Day in Paradise and Desert Blue. That same year, Sarsgaard received a substantial role in The Man in the Iron Mask , playing Raoul, the illfated son of Athos. Sarsgaard later achieved critical recognition when he was cast in Boys Dont Cry as John Lotter. He landed his first leading role in the 2001 film The Center of the World. The following year, he played supporting roles in Empire, The Salton Sea, and K19 The Widowmaker.

Sarsgaard was born at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, the son of Judy Lea and John Dale Sarsgard. His father was an Air Force engineer and later worked for Monsanto and IBM. He is American . Sarsgaard was raised a Roman Catholic and served as an altar boy. His family moved more thantimes during his childhood, following his fathers job. At the age of 7, Sarsgaard originally wanted to become a soccer player and took up ballet to help improve his coordination. After suffering several bad concussions while playing soccer, he gave up the sport and became interested in writing and theater.

Source: Wikipedia