Phase 7

PhaseSpanish Fase is a 2010 Argentine science fiction black comedy film written and directed by Nicolas Goldbart and starring Daniel Hendler, Yayo Guridi, Jazmn Stuart and Federico Luppi.

His neighbor Horatio, a paranoid survivalist whose reinforced apartment doubles as a bunker, slowly recruits Coco as an ally against other tenants. With Cocos help, Horatio sets traps throughout the building, which Coco negligently trips several times. Still unconvinced of the danger of the situation, Coco halfheartedly submits to Horatios demands that he wear a hazmat suit, carry a pistol, and watch a survival training video that suggests the pandemic may be a plot by the New World Order.Zanutto, an elderly man who is suspected of being sick by other tenants, is perceived as a weak target that they can prey upon. After using a shotgun to dispatch the tenants who came to harm him, Zanutto becomes paranoid, which leads him to preemptively pursue the remaining tenants. Horatio convinces Coco to leave Pipi and help him confront Zanutto, but Coco proves to be an inept ally. After a tense shootout, Zanutto slashes Horatio, but Horatio mortally stabs Zanutto. Zanutto and Coco work out a truce, and Zanutto asks Coco to watch his dachshund dog before he crawls into his car and succumbs to the knife wound. Soon after Horatio and Coco go scavenging out of the complex, and finally Coco proves his worth by defending Horatio against armed men who attack the duo, shooting and killing the aggressors. ........

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