Pokkiri Raja (1982 film)

Pokkiri Raja English Rogue King is a 1982 Tamil movie from India. It was directed by SP. Muthuraman, starring Rajinikanth. This film was the remake of a Telugu film Chutthalunnaru Jagratha.

The industrialist is murdered and Sridevi also sees Ramesh in her house that same night. Ramesh is dragged to court and is shortly framed for murder. Sridevi is upset, and the illintentioned relatives start closing their net around her, forcing her to marry Y. G. Mahendran the son of two of the industrialists relatives.In the meantime, the griefstricken Ramesh meets another person named Raja also Rajinikanth in jail who looks exactly like him. Together Ramesh and Raja plan to punish the culprits and set the record straight. ........

Source: Wikipedia