Polyester (film)

Polyester is a 1981 American black comedy film directed, produced, and written by John Waters, and starring Divine, Tab Hunter, Edith Massey, and Mink Stole. It was filmed in Waters native Baltimore, Maryland, and features a gimmick called Odorama, whereby viewers could smell what they saw on screen through scratch and sniff cards.

The life of fat housewife Francine Fishpaw Divine is crumbling around her in her middleclass suburban Baltimore home. Her husband, Elmer David Samson, is a polyesterclad lout who owns an Xrated theater, causing antipornography protesters to picket the Fishpaws house. She also states that all the neighborhood women spit at me whenever she is at the shopping mall. Francines children are LuLu Mary Garlington, her spoiled, slutty daughter, and Dexter Ken King, her delinquent, gluesniffing son who derives illicit pleasure from stomping on womens feet. Also adding to Francines troubles is her snobby, classconscious, cocainesnorting mother, La Rue Joni Ruth White, who robs Francine blind and only cares about her valuable shopping time.Francine seeks solace in her best friend, Cuddles Kovinsky Edith Massey, an independently wealthy, simpleminded woman and the worlds oldest debutante. Cuddles was once the Fishpaws housekeeper, but she inherited a large sum of money from a very affluent family that she used to work for, and who has befriended Francine. This infuriates La Rue, who admonishes Francine, She was a scrubwoman. Give her... car fare...a ham at Easter, but for Gods sake, dont hang around with her Cuddles tries to cheer Francine with seizetheday bromides, to no avail. ........

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