Pulse (2006 film)

Pulse is a 2006 American horror film and remake of the Japanese horror film, Kairo Pulse was written by Wes Craven and Ray Wright, and directed by Jim Sonzero. The film stars Kristen Bell, Ian Somerhalder, Christina Milian and a cameo by Brad Dourif.

Mattie and her friends begin to receive online messages from Josh asking for help but assume that Joshs computer is still on and that a virus is creating the messages. Mattie learns that Joshs computer has been sold to Dex McCarthy Ian Somerhalder, who finds a number of strange videos on the computer. Mattie receives a package that Josh mailed two days prior to his death. Inside are rolls of red tape and a message telling her that the tape keeps them out, although he does not know why. Later, Dex visits Mattie and shows her video messages Josh was sending to Ziegler. Josh had hacked Zieglers computer system and then distributed a virus. This virus had unlocked a portal that connected the realm of the living to the realm of the dead. Josh believed he had coded a counter to the virus and wanted to meet Ziegler at the library. Joshs counterprogram is found on a memory stick taped inside the PC case with red tape.Dex and Mattie visit Zeigler and find his room entirely plastered in red tape. They believe the red tape keeps the spirits out. Zeigler tells them of a project he worked on where he found frequencies no one knew existed. Opening these frequencies somehow allowed the spirits to travel to the world of the living. Zeigler also tells them that these spirits take away your will to live and where to find the main server infected with the virus. Dex and Mattie find the server and upload Joshs fix, causing the system to crash and the spirits to vanish. Moments later, however, the system reboots and the spirits return leaving Mattie and Dex with no option but to flee the city by car. Over the car radio, Mattie and Dex hear a radio report from the Army announcing the location of several safe zones where there are no Internet connections, cell phones, or televisions. As Dex and Mattie drive to a safe zone, the film concludes with a voiceover from Mattie saying We can never go back. The cities are theirs. Our lives are different now. What was meant to connect us to one an

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