Pyongyang Nalpharam

Pyongyang Nalpharam Chosngl is a 2006 North Korean film directed by Phyo Kwang and Maeng Cheolmin. It is a martial arts film set during the Japanese colonial rule of Korea. One of only two North Korean films released in 2006, it received ticket sales ofmillion cinemagoers in North Korea. Critics describe the film as routine and adequate.

Pyongyang Nalpharam was released in August 2006, and received a reportedmillion admissions at the North Korean box office. It was one of only two North Korean films released in 2006the other being The Schoolgirls Diaryand both films were screened at that years Pyongyang International Film Festival.Derek Elley of Variety described Pyongyang Nalpharam as a routine period actioner... with flashes of interest for Asiaphile auds, reminiscent of 1970s Hong Kong chopsocky films. He regarded the action choreography as being adequate, and considered only a single sequence during a masked entertainment to have any real verve. ........

Source: Wikipedia