Racing Stripes

Racing Stripes is a 2005 American sports comedydrama family film directed by Frederik Du Chau. The film was produced by Andrew A. Kosove, Broderick Johnson, Lloyd Phillips and Edward L. McDonnell, based on a script written by David Schmidt, Steven P. Wegner and Kirk DeMicco. It was released theatrically on January 14, 2005 by Summit Entertainment and Warner Bros..

During a thunderstorm, a traveling circus accidentally leaves behind a baby zebra. The foal is rescued by widower Nolan Walsh, a former Thoroughbredracehorse trainer who retired when his wife, a jockey, died in a racing accident. Nolan takes the zebra home to his farm and leaves it under the care of his daughter Channing Chan Walsh, who names him Stripes. Stripes befriends the other farmyard animals, including Saanen goat Franny and Shetland pony Tucker. One day, he becomes convinced that he is destined for the nearby racetrack, the Kentucky Open, after watching a race, not realizing that he is a zebra and is not qualified to race.Three years later, an adult Stripes meets a Lipizzaner mare named Sandy and develops a crush on her. While talking to Sandy, he is approached by Trentons Pride and Ruffshodd, Stripes tormentors. Pride challenges Stripes to a racing match he accepts, but loses the race. The following day, Tucker, having secretly watched Stripes, approaches him and suggests that he get proper training first. Stripes, in need of a rider, chooses Chan and convinces a new farm animal, a pelican named Goose, to sabotage Chans motorcycle and Nolans old pickup truck so that Chan can ride him to her workplace at the Kentucky Open. The plan works, and Chan, with Nolans reluctant approval, rides Stripes to the Kentucky Open. There, Chan is antagonized by her boss, Clara Dalrymple, for bringing Stripes to the racetrack, while he meets a pair of horsefly brothers, Buzz and Scuzz. ........

Source: Wikipedia