Rebirth of Mothra III

Rebirth of Mothra 3, released in Japan as MothraKing Ghidorah Attacks , Mosura Sur Kingu Gidora Raish? , is a 1998 Kaiju film. It is the third and final film in Tohos Mothra Trilogy, which began with Rebirth of Mothra in 1996. This film features the monsters Mothra, Fairy Mothra, King Ghidorah and Garugaru. It is the first Toho kaiju film with special effects directed by Kenji Suzuki.

Shortly after the Elias sisters faceoff, a meteor shower brings to Earth a huge meteor that disrupts gravity near it at night, as a family watches. The next day, the oldest of the children, a teenage boy called Shota, plays hookey from school, and goes to investigate the object. Meanwhile, school children on playgrounds and around the nearby city begin to mysteriously vanish as a huge shadow passes overhead. Moll and Lora examine the remains of the crashed meteor, discovering the essence of dinosaurs, and realizes that a great evil has been released. King Ghidorah, a threeheaded space monster who visited Earth in its past and thought to be responsible for the destruction of the dinosaurs, returns with the captured children to a secluded spot near where the meteor crashed, trapping them in a huge, pulsating organic dome. Thankfully, at Moll and Loras calling, Rainbow Mothra arrives and begins to battle King Ghidorah, but the three headed demons ancient powers render all of Mothras attacks useless and the King of Terror proceeds to easily dominate Rainbow Mothra, who only just escapes. Later, Moll and Lora encounter Ghidorah, who infects Lora with its evil by staring into Loras eyes. Under Ghidorahs spell, Lora attacks Moll and attempts to drag them both into the dome. However, Fairy Mothra flies down towards the dome and saves Moll before she falls into it. Belvera, intrigued by Ghidorahs arrival, gets too close to the dome and is dragged inside with her pet henchmen, GaruGaru, by little serpent beings. The monster then wreaks havoc in the city.Meanwhile, Moll and Fairy Mothra encounter Shota, who discovered that his brother Shuehei and sister Tamako are among the many children trapped inside the dome. Moll tells Shota about Ghidorahs plan to use the childrens life force to feed upon. She convinces him to accompany her and meet their only hope, the recovering Rainbow Mothra. Moll and Rainbow Mothra communicate telepathically, discussing their options. It is agreed t

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