Red Beard

Red Beard , Akahige? is a 1965 Japanese film directed by Akira Kurosawa about the relationship between a town doctor and his new trainee. The film was based on Shgor Yamamotos short story collection, Akahige shinrytan . Fyodor Dostoevskys novel Humiliated and Insulted provided the source for a subplot about a young girl, Otoyo Terumi Niki, who is rescued from a brothel. Red Beard looks at the problem of social injustice and explores two of Kurosawas favourite topics humanism and existentialism.

As Yasumoto struggles to come to terms with his situation, the film tells the story of a few of the clinics patients. One of them is Rokusuke, a dying man whom Dr. Niide discerns is troubled by a secret misery that is only revealed when his desperately unhappy daughter shows up. Another is Sahachi, a wellloved man of the town known for his generosity to his neighbors, who has a tragic connection to a woman whose corpse is discovered after a landslide. Dr. Niide brings Yasumoto along to rescue a sick twelveyearold girl from a brothel fighting off a local gang of toughs to do so and then assigns the girl to Yasumoto as his first patient. Through his efforts to heal the traumatized girl, Yasumoto begins to understand the magnitude of cruelty and suffering around him as well as his power to ease that suffering, and learns to regret his vanity and selfishness.When Yasumoto himself falls ill, he is nursed back to health by the care and affection of Otoyo, the twelveyearold girl who was saved from the brothel. ........

Source: Wikipedia