Red Dog (film)

Red Dog is a 2011 Australian comedydrama family film written by Daniel Taplitz, directed by Kriv Stenders and produced by Nelson Woss and Julie Ryan. It stars Koko as the title character, Josh Lucas, Rachael Taylor, John Batchelor, Noah Taylor, Keisha CastleHughes, Loene Carmen, Luke Ford, Neil Pigot, Rohan Nichol, Tiffany LyndallKnight, Costa Ronin with Eamon Farren and Arthur Angel. The film is based on a true story from the novel Red Dog by Louis de Bernieres about Red Dog. At the 2011 Inside Film Awards, Red Dog was nominated in nine categories and won seven, including best feature film. The film was also nominated for seven AACTA Awards and won for Best Film. The film was theatrically released on August 4, 2011 by Roadshow Film Distributors.

Publican Jack Collins Noah Taylor tells him the dogs name is Red Dog and narrates his story. Upon arriving in Dampier, the dog befriends many of the employees of Hamersley Iron, who have a major iron ore excavation in progress. Various miners relate their stories of Red Dog to Thomas, but state that, while Red Dog was a dog for everyone, he had no real master.The men then tell of an American named John Grant Josh Lucas, a bus driver for Hamersley Iron who became Reds true master. He eventually starts dating a woman named Nancy Rachael Taylor, who is a secretary at Hamersley Iron. After living in Dampier for two years, John proposes to Nancy. On the night of the engagement, John tells Red Dog to stay until he returns from Nancys caravan. Early the next morning, John rides his motorcycle from Nancys caravan, but is killed in an accident on the way after running over a kangaroo. ........

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