Red Planet (film)

Red Planet is a 2000 science fiction thriller film directed by Antony Hoffman, starring Val Kilmer, CarrieAnne Moss and Tom Sizemore. Released on November 10, 2000, it was a critical and commercial failure. The film was Hoffmans only feature film he primarily directed television commercials.

When Marsis damaged in arrival, Bowman remains aboard for repair while the others land to locate an automated habitat established earlier to manufacture food and oxygen. During insertion, the teams landing craft is damaged and crashlands offcourse. In the aftermath, AMEE Autonomous Mapping Exploration and Evasion, a military robot programmed to guide them, is lost, and Chantillas suffers a ruptured spleen and internal bleeding, and tells the others to leave him behind. Santen refuses, but Chantillas tells them that they only have eight hours of oxygen left to make it to HAB 1. Chantillas tells Gallagher that its all right, as he got to see Mars for the first time, and the others leave to allow Chantillas to die in peace. In orbit around Mars, Bowman contacts Earth, which informs her that Mars1 is in decaying orbit, but offers hope of restoring engine function in departing Mars.On Mars, the landing party find the automated habitat mysteriously destroyed. They are baffled for an explanation, given that the module was designed to withstand any damaging storms on Mars, and was field tested in Tornado Alley. All expect their imminent deaths by suffocation. Pettengill and Santen wander from the others to explore, later to reach a canyon where Pettengill accidentally kills Santen, after they get into a fight over whether or not the mission was a failure, and that Pettengill realizes that Santen would never accept defeat. Pettengill returns to Burchenal and Gallagher, and tells them that Santen killed himself. His oxygen depleted, Gallagher opens his helmet, choosing a quick death over asphyxiation and discovers that Mars atmosphere is thin but breathable. The only salvageable material from the habitat is all of the liquid fuel, which has ruptured out of its containers but pooled under the wreck. With no remaining power in their suits, the astronauts set it on fire with a flare so they can have a bonfire to survive the massive temperature drop of the Martian night. AME

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