Red State (2011 film)

Red State is a 2011 American independent actioncrimethrillerhorror film, written and directed by Kevin Smith, starring John Goodman, Melissa Leo and Michael Parks.

Travis Michael Angarano notices a fire station siren being removed from its pole and members of the Five Points Trinity Church, led by Abin Cooper Michael Parks, protesting the funeral of a murdered local gay teenager. Jared Kyle Gallner, a friend of Travis, reveals he received an invitation from a woman named Sarah Cooper Melissa Leo he met on a sex site for group sex with Travis and Billy Ray Nicholas Braun. They borrow Traviss parents car and travel to meet her. Along the way, they accidentally sideswipe the vehicle of Sheriff Wynan Stephen Root, while he was having sex with a man. Afraid, the boys drive off.Sheriff Wynan returns to the station and tells his deputy Pete Matt L. Jones to go and look for the vehicle. Meanwhile, the boys arrive at the womans trailer. She encourages them to drink, and after being drugged by the beer, they pass out while undressing. Jared wakes up while being moved in a covered cage. He realizes he is in the sanctuary at Five Points after he identifies Cooper. Cooper begins a long, hatefilled sermon before identifying another captive, a homosexual they lured in through an internet chat room. They bind him to a cross using plastic cling wrap, execute him with a revolver and drop him into a small crawl space where Travis and Billy Ray are bound together. ........

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