Repo Chick

Repo Chick is a 2009 American comedy film written and directed by Alex Cox. Like Coxs first feature, Repo Man, it centers on the repossession trade and a mysterious vehicle with a large reward. It is the second of Coxs microfeatures, produced for a very low budget and given very little theatrical distribution. Although not a sequel to Repo Man, it has been associated with it. It was released on DVD in North America and the United Kingdom in February 2011.

She is immediately successful at her new job, to such an extent that the veterans are threatened. Gainfully employed, she tries to reconcile with her family, only to find they have given her part of the inheritance to charity. Out of revenge, she asks coworker Lola to hack their credit and leave her family destitute and homeless.Pixxi notices a wanted poster promising a 1,000,000 reward for the successful return of an antique train. She finds the train as it is departing with several prominent figures on a supposed tour of a proposed energy pipeline. Pixxi talks her way onto the train, and the hosts, intrigued by Pixxis celebrity stature, oblige. ........

Source: Wikipedia