Run Babby Run

Run Baby Run sometimes presented as Run Babby Run is a 2012 Malayalam comedy thriller film directed by Joshiy, produced by Milan Jaleel and distributed by Galaxy Films. Written by Sachy of the SachiSethu duo, it stars Mohanlal and Amala Paul in the lead roles. The cinematography was done by R. D. Rajasekhar.

Venu Mohanlal is a highprofile news cameraman working in Reuters. He graduated from a premier film institute but preferred to shoot news rather than the manipulated visuals for movies. He is mostly based in Delhi but has come to Kochi to appear for a case in which he is involved. He is assigned to cover a case involving a local politician where he gets to meets Renuka Amala Paul. Renuka is the executive editor of Bharath Vision and Venu and Renuka have a story to tell of their own. A flashback tells the story about how two lovers turned into foes.Rishikesh Biju Menon is another channel head NBI News Bureau of India, who is going through some difficult times, as some of his star performers have gone in search of greener pastures. Venu and Renuka come together to investigate a particular story about a murder planned by Bharathan Pillai Sai Kumar, a major politician who had lost his fame and name before many years when Venu and Renuka exposed a scam involving him. ........

Source: Wikipedia