Sex Pot (2009 film)

Sex Pot is a 2009 direct to DVD sex comedy film produced by The Asylum and written and directed by Eric Forsberg. Two versions were released 3D and regular. Both versions were released simultaneously. Other than the 3D element both versions are identical. Set during one long day and night, two 18yearold potheads, both high school seniors, find a stash of marijuana that makes the human sex drive go crazy.

Spanky and Mert first go to a liquor store to buy some hard liquor to take with them to the party, but since they are both underage, they try to find someone who will buy the liquor for them. Spanky meets two prostitutes, named Princess and Strawberry, who agree to buy them the hard liquor so the guys can take them to the party. On their way there, they all smoke a little of the magical pot which makes Mert drive erratically and they are pulled over by a local cop. Mert is forced to throw the pot stash out the window to avoid being arrested for possession of narcotics. Fortunately, the female police officer who pulls them over is also a loose woman who gets a contact high from the marijuana smoke and lets them off with only a warning.In attempting to retrieve the pot, the stash gets stolen by a young girl who picks it up off the street. Spanky and Mert chase the young girl to a house where a birthday party for a young boy is being held. Pretending to be friends of the birthday boy, Spanky and Mert enter and venture to the basement where a pot party is being held by the older brother of the birthday boy. Mert manages to retrieve the pot from the 11yearold drug dealer, while Spanky takes drags on various joints to find the right one, and when he goes into a bedroom to have an encounter with a party girl, he finds the girl to be his 14yearold underage sister Ellen, who has a secret life as Sara the Skank while hooking up with numerous guys at parties. ........

Source: Wikipedia