Shake, Rattle & Roll 13

Shake, Rattle amp Rollis a 2011 Filpino horror anthology film in three acts from Regal Films. It is the thirteenth installment of Shake, Rattle amp Roll film series. It is also distributed by the Regal Entertainment, Inc. and Regal Multimedia, Inc. It is an entry in the 2011 Metro Manila Film Festival. It stars Eugene Domingo who also starred in the past film series of Shake, Rattle amp Roll, Zanjoe Marudo, Maricar Reyes, and several others.

Bikbok Bugoy Carino moves to an isolated town with his blind mother Isay Maricar Reyes, his baby brother and his discontented stepfather Allan Zanjoe Marudo to survive poverty where Allan can take charge at the farm after his uncle Lando died earlier. The next day, Allan finds something under the house where he encounters an object that was buried by Lando earlier which reveals to be a crystal. At night, Bikbok watches outside and notices the white creatures watching him.The next day, Allans cousin Pey Ervic Vijandre takes Isay, Allan and Bikbok to Aling Epang Celia Rodriguez to cure their baby. After they leave when Bikbok began to collect some water, he saw a group of sparks and decides to follow it. He stops by where he finds a waterfall and began venturing it. When he plays at the waterfall, he notices the same creatures earlier are watching him. The chieftain orders his tribe to catch him as Bikbok runs. He attempts to escape but the creatures corner him. The chieftain tells him to give back something which it was stolen but Bikbok assures that he and his family didnt steal anything. The chieftain tells him that if he didnt return it otherwise on the third day at night when the new moon arrives, he and his family will be in danger. Bikbok runs to Aling Epang for help and tells her what he saw. Epang realizes the white creatures were the Tamawos, a group of fairy people who were creatures and tribal warriors who always take away people even children. After Bikbok tells her on what they have stolen, Epang tells him that he needs to find out what they have stolen because the tamawos will never stop until it was returned. Meanwhile, Pey was killed by the tamawos when he encountered them at the forest. At night, Bikbok and his family were attacked by a group of tamawos and Allan was wounded from their attack. ........

Source: Wikipedia