Shame (2011 film)

Shame is a 2011 British drama film cowritten and directed by Steve McQueen, starring Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan. It was coproduced by Film4 and SeeSaw Films. The films explicit sexual scenes regarding sexual addiction resulted in it being rated NC17 in the United States. Shame was released in the United Kingdom UK onJanuary 2012.

Brandon arrives at his apartment to find his sister Sissy Carey Mulligan, a singer, using his shower he had ignored her calls. Sissy has a few gigs in the city and asks to stay with Brandon he later hears her pleading with her lover on the telephone not to reject her. After Brandons companys computer system is infected with a virus, his boss discovers that Brandons computer hard drive was full of pornography. David assumes Brandons intern is responsible.Brandon rebukes Sissy for balancing precariously on the subway platform edge. Later, he and David watch her perform New York, New York in a bar, which makes Brandon emotional. Sissy joins Brandon and David at their table, where David flirts with her and notices the scars of selfinflicted wounds on her arms. Sissy has sex with David in her brothers bedroom while Brandon, disgusted, goes running. Later that night, Sissy attempts to sleep in his bed with him he orders her out of the room. ........

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