Shanghai Noon

Shanghai Noon is a 2000 AmericanHong Kong action comedy western film starring Jackie Chan, Owen Wilson and Lucy Liu. The film, marking the directorial debut of Tom Dey, was written by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar.

In 1881, Chon Wang Chan is a Chinese Imperial Guard in the Forbidden City. After Princess PeiPei Liu for whom Wang has affection, is abducted and taken to the United States, the Emperor of China sends three of his guards along with the Royal Interpreter to retrieve her. Wang is not one of the three, but he tells the Captain of the Imperial Guards that it was his fault the princess was kidnapped and insists on joining them. The Captain first refuses, but when the Royal Interpreter, Wangs uncle, offers to allow Wang to come help with the baggage, the Captain agrees in the hopes that the foreign devils would get rid of Wang. In Nevada, Roy OBannon Wilson is an outlaw who, with his gang, hijacks the train Wang is on. When Wallace, a new member of Roys gang, kills Wangs uncle, Wang chases the outlaws down. However, the gang is wellarmed and Wangs only choice is to unhinge the cars and get away on the engine. In the process, Wallace takes over the gang from Roy, and they leave him buried up to his chin in the desert sand. Meanwhile, PeiPei, who was tricked into believing she was freely escaping her arranged marriage in China, finds out she has been kidnapped by an agent of Lo Fong, who ran away from the Forbidden City and was viewed as a traitor by the Chinese.When Wang finds Roy buried in the sand, he demands to know the direction to Carson City. Roy tells him that the city is on the other side of a mountain. Wang puts two chop sticks in Roys mouth for him to dig himself out. When Wang comes out the other side of the mountain, he gets involved with a Sioux tribe by saving a boy chased by the Crow tribe and ends up reluctantly marrying the tribe chiefs daughter, Falling Leaves. Wang finds a small town in the area, where he encounters Roy in a tavern. He confronts him, and ends up starting a fight with him that turns into a barroom brawl. The two of them get sent to jail, and after Falling Leaves helps them escape, they become friends. Roy trains Wang in the ways of the c

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