Shorts (2009 film)

Shorts also known as Shorts The Adventures of the Wishing Rock, Shorts A Not So Tall Tale only on the trailer and released internationally as The Wishing Rock is a 2009 AmericanEmirati family science fiction fantasy adventure comedy film which incorporates both live action and CGI animation. The film was written and directed by Spy Kids creator Robert Rodriguez, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, coproduced by Imagenation Abu Dhabi, Lin Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures, Media Rights Capital and Troublemaker Studios with music by Rodriguez, George Oldziey and Carl Thiel and produced by Rodriguez and Elizabeth Avelln for Media Rights Capital.

Toby Toe Thompson Jimmy Bennett is bullied by Helvetica Hel Black Jolie Vanier and her brother Cole Devon Gearhart on the way to school. Toe speculates that Hel loves him, infuriating Hel and leading Cole and his gang to start throwing rocks at Toe. One of the rocks they throw is a rainbow colored wishing rock, which Toes uses to wish for friends, which come in the form of small aliens. Toe takes the aliens to school, but their presence causes Toe and Hel to fall from the schools roof. The aliens leave, but Toe keeps the rock.Previously, the Wishing Rock appeared at the home of Loogie Trevor Gagnon, Laser Leo Howard, and Lug Rebel Rodriguez Short, and they eventually wished that one of them was very smart. However, the power was given to their infant sister portrayed by Bianca Rodriguez and voiced by Elizabeth Avellan. She convinced the boys to hide the rock and Cole found it to it the next day to throw at Toe. ........

Source: Wikipedia