Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker

Silent Night, Deadly NightThe Toy Maker 1991 is the fifth installment in the Silent Night, Deadly Night franchise. The film was also featured in an episode of Svengoolie. It stars William Thorne, Jane Higginson, Van Quattro, Tracy Fraim, Conan Yuzna, and veteran screen legend Mickey Rooney famous for voicing Santa Claus in the Rankin and Bass holiday specials as The Toy Maker. Ironically, Rooney publicly condemned the first Silent Night, Deadly Night film in a written letter to the producers, only to later appear in this film. Additionally, both Neith Hunter, and Clint Howard, who were Kim and Ricky in Silent Night, Deadly NightInitiation, reprise their roles in cameo appearances.

Two weeks later Sarah takes Derek, who hasnt spoken since his fathers death, to a toy store owned by the elderly Joe Petto Mickey Rooney and his odd son Pino Brian Bremer not realizing they have been followed by Noah Adams Tracy Fraim. After Derek rejects all the toys Joe shows him and one called Larry the Larvae that Pino tries to give him he and his mother leave, prompting Joe to begin angrily yelling at Pino, belittling him and blaming him for all the stores recent failures. While running from his father Pino bumps into Noah and drops the larvae toy, which Noah picks up and buys along with some other toys. At his home Noah begins taking apart the toys he bought from Joe when he is confronted by his angry landlord Harold Gerry Black. Late paying rent Noah, to smooth things over, gives Harold the Larry the Larvae toy in exchange for a oneday extension. While driving home Harold is killed when Larry the Larvae crawls into his mouth and bursts out his eye, causing his car to crash and explode.The next day, Sarah takes Derek to see Santa portrayed by Noah, who takes his friends shift at the mall, finding another gift on the porch on the way out. While Sarah and Derek are gone Pino sneaks into their house, using a key he had hidden for years earlier when he and his father lived there. When Sarah and Derek get home early due to Noahs odd behavior towards Derek Pino flees from the house. After confronting Joe about Pinos intrusion and stating that she will call the police the next time it happens Sarah decides to let Derek open the present dropped off earlier, but Derek refuses to touch it. Leaving Derek alone Sarah is visited by her friend Kim Levitt Neith Hunter and while the two talk Derek sneaks outside and throws the present in a garbage can, where Kims adopted son Lonnie Conan Yuzna finds it. Meanwhile, Lonnie unwraps the gift and finds roller skates in it. Joe, in a drunken rage, begins beating Pino, accidentally killing him by knocking him down some stairs. Whil

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