Skinny Tiger, Fatty Dragon

Skinny Tiger, Fatty Dragon Chinese , Chinese , pinyin shu h fi lng is a 1990 Hong Kong action film directed by Lau Karwing, who also costars in the film. The film stars Sammo Hung and Karl Maka. The trio had worked together in the late 1970s, making two films for Lau and Hungs shortlived Gar Bo Motion Picture Company. Whilst Lau continued to appear in Hungs films for Golden Harvest throughout the 1980s, Maka had gone on to corun Cinema City. Skinny Tiger, Fatty Dragon was therefore something of a reunion for the three actors.

The gang leader, Wing Lau Karwing, learns that one of his henchman, Johnny Tai Bo, has leaked his secrets so he is stabbed by Wing himself.During their investigation of the Lais house, things go very wrong for Fatty and Baldy, and they end up imitating robbers in order to escape from the gang. They steal her car and are briefly chase by the gangsters, trashing it along the way. Later that night, Lai calls Fatty and arranges a meeting at an abandoned warehouse. At the location, another fight ensues, followed by a chase of Lais boss, Prince Tak Lung Mingyan, and Fatty ends up ruining the English Deputy Commissioners wedding. ........

Source: Wikipedia