Sky Giant

Sky Giant aka Ground Crew and Northern Flight is a 1938 drama film directed by Lew Landers. The film stars Richard Dix, Chester Morris and Joan Fontaine. The plot revolves around a love triangle with two pilots in love with the same woman.

Stockton imposes military discipline on the civilian school. Two trainee mechanics are dismissed on the spot for being too slow. Stag warns his boss that he is pushing the men too hard, but Stockton disagrees. When Stockton inspects the newest batch of students, he is greatly displeased to find his own son, Ken Chester Morris, among them. He would rather have him stay in the diplomatic service, but Ken wants to design aircraft.Ken and Stag become rivals for the affections of Meg Lawrence Joan Fontaine, the cousin of fellow school pilot and friend Fergie Ferguson Paul Guilfoyle. Despite only seeing Meg a couple of times, Stag impulsively proposes to her, only to find she has already agreed to marry Ken. ........

Source: Wikipedia