Sleeping Beauty (2011 film)

Sleeping Beauty is a 2011 Australian drama film that was written and directed by Julia Leigh. It is her debut as a director. The film stars Emily Browning as a young university student who begins doing erotic freelance work in which she is required to sleep in bed alongside paying customers. The film is based in part on the novel The House of the Sleeping Beauties by Nobel laureate Yasunari Kawabata.

Lucy Emily Browning is a college student who holds a number of odd jobs she volunteers as a test subject at the university medical research lab, works at a coffee shop, and makes photocopies at an office. Her landlord dislikes her, and she spends her time visiting Birdmann Ewen Leslie, who is attracted to her. Although she does not return his affection, she appears to be happier when with him.Lucy responds to an ad and is invited to meet Clara Rachael Blake, who offers her a job freelance silver service in lingerie. Lucy agrees, and Clara tells her that she will never be penetrated during these encounters. Clara says she will call Lucy by the name Sarah. Lucy gets beauty treatments before arriving for the event. She is the only girl dressed in white lingerie the other women seem to be much older, wear severe makeup, and have black lingerie designed to reveal much more than to conceal. The event is a formal dinner party at an elegant home. Lucy serves drinks for the party and goes home with the money she made from it. ........

Source: Wikipedia