Small Soldiers

Small Soldiers is a 1998 American science fiction action comedy film directed by Joe Dante. The film revolves around two adolescents who get caught in the middle of a war between two factions of sentient action figures, the Gorgonites and the Commando Elite.

Teenager Alan Abernathy signs off for a shipment of the toys at his familys toy store without his fathers consent. He and delivery driver Joe activate the leaders for each group Archer for the Gorgonites and Chip Hazard for the Commando Elite. Alans neighbor and love interest, Christy Fimple, buys Chip as a birthday present for her brother Timmy. Alan returns home to discover Archer in his backpack he realizes Archer is sentient, but in the meantime, the Commando Elite awaken and apparently destroy the Gorgonites in the toy store. Alan calls the company and files a complaint. Later, when Larry and Irwin listen to Alans voice mail, Irwin is terrified to discover the X1000 was designed for smart munitions guidance a Globotech engineer reveals the AI circuit is designed to learn over time, but mass production was scrapped due to issues with EMP shielding.Meanwhile, Chip and his squad pursue Alan to his home and attempt to kill him and Archer unlike Archer, the Commandos dont understand theyre just toys. Alan is attacked by Nick Nitro, whom he mortally wounds. The next day, Alan and Archer find the rest of the Gorgonites in a dumpster at the shop. At home, Alan learns the primary goal of the Gorgonites is to seek their homeland Gorgon, which they mistakenly believe to be in Yosemite. The Commandos learn of Alans interest in Christy and decide to take her hostage, immobilizing the Fimple household to force Alan into surrendering the Gorgonites. ........

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