Soldier of Fortune (1955 film)

Soldier of Fortune is a 1955 adventure film about the rescue of an American prisoner in the Peoples Republic of China in the 1950s. It was directed by Edward Dmytryk, starred Clark Gable and Susan Hayward, and was written by Ernest K. Gann based on his 1954 novel.

She decides to arrange his escape. Hank advises her to give up the foolhardy venture, but she refuses. She foolishly meets Fernand Rocha Mel Welles alone and gives him a 500 deposit to set up a rescue, but he merely gambles the money away and locks her up for his lecherous purposes. Fortunately, word reaches Hank in time to save her.Having fallen in love with Jane and realizing that she will not let herself get involved with him while her husbands fate remains uncertain, Hank decides to rescue the man himself. Hong Kong Marine Police Inspector Merryweather Michael Rennie, inspecting Hanks junk when Hank decides to make his attempt, gets shanghaied into helping rescue the husband. ........

Source: Wikipedia