Something Remote

Something Remote is a 2009 American independent comedy film written and directed by Alex Laferriere, and produced by Nick Allain and Steve DiTullio. Starring CJ Haley, Rick Desilets, and John Selig, it follows three overeducated, TVaddicted roommates trying to stay together as an exgirlfriend tries to tear them apart. Something Remote was the first featurelength film by Broken Wall Films.

The cast also includes Sammi Lappin as Abby, a random passerby hired to pretend to be Neils new girlfriend whose actual name remains a mystery, Hunter Giles as Homeless Al, a hobo hired to do the same thing for Lisa, and Jeffrey Desautels as Bruce, one of Lisas coworkers. Director Alex Laferriere and producer Nick Allain have a brief cameo as Neils boss and bosss underling, respectively. Assistant producer Steve DiTullio also appears in the film as Nelsin, a passerby with the ability to turn his surroundings into a kung fu movie.In December 2007, Worcester Polytechnic Institutes sketch comedy troupe Kilroy Sketch Comedy put on a show called Sofa King Kilroy. The shows omniscript, written by Kilroy member Caleb Wrobel with edits and continuity added by Alex Laferriere, focused on roommates Neil, Mat, and Erik as they dealt with Neils exgirlfriend Lisa trying to break into the apartment. The show became a 17minute stageplay broken up by television sketches, in a similar manner to that of the film. Several Kilroy members would eventually work on Something Remote. ........

Source: Wikipedia