Sommersby is a 1993 romantic drama film directed by Jon Amiel and starring Richard Gere, Jodie Foster, Bill Pullman and James Earl Jones.

John Jack Sommersby Gere left his farm to fight in the American Civil War and is presumed dead after six years. Despite the hardship of working their farm, his apparent widow Laurel Foster is quite content in his absence, because Jack was an unpleasant and abusive husband. She even makes remarriage plans with one of her neighbors, Orin Meacham Pullman, who despite his own hardships such as a wooden foot, which he wears to replace one that was lost in the war has been helping her and her young son with the farmwork.One day, Jack seemingly returns with a complete change of heart. He is now kind and loving to Laurel and their young son, Rob. In the evenings, he reads to them from Homers Iliad, which the old Jack never would have done. He claims that the book was given to him by a man he met in prison, and that War changes you makes you appreciate things. Jack and Laurel rekindle their intimacy, which leads to Laurel becoming pregnant. ........

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