Soori (2003 film)

Soori is a 2003 Tamil romantic drama film, written and directed by Shelvan, a former associate of director S. Shankar. The film features Vignesh, Parthiban, Uma and Vijayalakshmi in lead roles whilst Chinni Jayanth, Senthil and Manobala play supporting roles. The film, produced by P. Vijayakumar, had musical score by Deva while Vijay Milton and Suresh Urs were cinematographer and the film editor respectively. The film was released onDecember 2003 to mixed reviews.

The story begins with Surya Vignesh walks lonely during the Valentines day. He shaves his hair and his moustache then he takes a container lorry. He remembers his happy past during the travel.Surya was a sales representative and worked with his friend Pichamuthu Chinni Jayanth. His family, even knowing he played Kabaddi and often fought, was very kind with him. He saw one day, Rishaba Uma, a college student, at the bus stop, who advised a smoker not to smoke because it distributed nonsmokers and it would cause cancer to him. Surya was amazed by her words, he dropped his cigarette and decided to stop smoking. ........

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