Splinter (2006 film)

Splinter is a 2006 American policeaction film set in Los Angeles directed by Michael D. Olmos and starring Tom Sizemore, Noel Gugliemi and Edward James Olmos.

Dreamer Enrique Almeida is being questioned by Detective Gramm Resmine Atis. We flash back to Dreamer and Shaggy sitting in a car when another car pulls up and does a driveby shooting. The drive by kills Shaggy and the bullet passes through and into Dreamers head.A girl is poking through a pile of trash and finds the bodies of the men who performed the drive by. It is revealed that Shaggy of the Greenville gang had been going with Vanessa who was with Trigger Hector Atreyu Ruiz of the opposing gang. Vanessa says that the night of the driveby that Trigger was hiding something. Another shooting leaves two more dead. Detectives Cunningham Tom Sizemore and Gramm question two men whom say that the killings were done by members of Greenville. Vanessa gives Dreamer Triggers gun, Dreamer then calls Gramm to have her meet him in the alley where he gives her three spent bullets and casings from the gun. ........

Source: Wikipedia