Sri Rama Rajyam

Sri Rama Rajyam is a 2011 devotional epic Telugu film directed by Bapu based on the epic Ramayana. It was Bapus final directional venture. The film depicts Lord Ramas rule of Ayodhya after he returns home from Lanka, his separation from Sita and her reclusive life in the forest as she raises their children Lava and Kusa. The film won seven Andhra Pradesh State Nandi Awards, including the Nandi Award for Best Feature Film Gold for the year 2011. This film is a remake of a Telugu film Lava Kusha, released in year 1963. It was known as the first colour film in Telugu Cinema.

Lord Srirama Nandamuri Balakrishna retains his wife Sita Nayantara comes back to their kingdom Ayodhya, after killing Ravana. And Srirama will continue his charisma in ruling the kingdom after his Pattabhishekam. One day he hears the sweet news that Sita is pregnant. Everything looks fine, but on one day Srirama came to know that people in his kingdom are having discussions about Sitas character, as she spent some time in Ravanas place. So, Rama decides himself to leave Sita and she is sent to the forest. There she was protected by Valmiki Akkineni Nageswara Rao and was given shelter in his Ashram. Later she gives birth at Ashram to twins Lava and Kusa. What are the incidents that happens next forms the Sri Rama Rajyam Story.Veteran director Bapu announced that he would remake 1963 film Lava Kusa with Balakrishna who reprises the role of Lord Rama which was enacted by his father N. T. Rama Rao in the original film. Bapus friend Mullapudi Venkata Ramana has written the screenplay and dialogues for the film and notably was his last film as he died before the films release. Bapu said that the title of the film was inspired from 1943 Hindi film Ram Rajya. ........

Source: Wikipedia