State of Play (film)

State of Play is a 2009 BritishFrenchAmerican political thriller film. It is an adaptation of the sixpart British television serial of the same name which first aired on BBC One in 2003. The plot of the sixhour serial was condensed to fit a twohour film format, with the location changed to Washington, D.C. The film was directed by Kevin Macdonald from a screenplay written by Matthew Michael Carnahan, Tony Gilroy, Peter Morgan and Billy Ray.

One night, a thief fleeing through Georgetown in Washington, D.C., is shot by a man carrying a briefcase. A pizza delivery man who witnesses the incident is also shot by the killer and is left in a coma. The following morning, a young woman is killed by a Washington Metro train in what seems to be suicide. Congressman Stephen Collins Ben Affleck is distraught to hear that the woman was Sonia Baker Maria Thayer, a lead researcher on his staff. Collins, who has military experience, is leading an investigation into PointCorp, a private defense contractor with controversial operations involving mercenaries. Collins tells his former college roommate and old friend Cal McAffrey Russell Crowe, an investigative reporter, that he had been having an affair with Sonia and that she had sent him a cheerful video message on the morning of her death, which he says is inconsistent and unusual behavior for someone about to commit suicide.Della Frye Rachel McAdams, a reporter and blogger with the online division of Cals newspaper and its editor, Cameron Lynne Helen Mirren, discover that Sonias death occurred in one of only three CCTV blind spots in the Metro camera system. Cal believes the shootings are related to Sonias death and finds a link between the petty thief and a homeless girl who sought out Cal. The girl gives him photographs that the thief, a friend of hers, had stolen from the killers briefcase. The photos show surveillance images of Sonia talking to a welldressed man. Della visits the hospital where the pizza delivery man is regaining consciousness. While at his room, she witnesses the pizza delivery man shot dead by an unseen sniper. Later, she reviews CCTV footage and recognizes a man she saw at the hospital. ........

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