Stepmom (film)

Stepmom is a 1998 comedydrama directed by Chris Columbus and starring Julia Roberts, Susan Sarandon, and Ed Harris. Sarandon won the San Diego Film Critics Society Award for Best Actress and Harris won the National Board of Review Award for Best Supporting Actor, sharing the win with his role in The Truman Show.

Conversely, Jackie, a former publisher turned stayathome mom, gives Isabel a cold reception, seeing her as an overly ambitious career woman. She also continues to harbour malice towards Luke as can be seen in a confrontation about Isabel. After a long string of arguments and hurt feelings involving Isabel, Jackie and Anna, Luke proposes to Isabel, making her Anna and Bens soontobe official stepmother, which causes even more friction. However, Jackie is diagnosed with cancer, which is discovered to be incurable. She experiences a range of negative emotions, angry at the woman who she feels played a role in her broken family, and angry at the fact that after all of the sacrifices she made for her family, she will not even get to see her children grow up.Isabel and Anna continue to disagree, shown most when Anna continually calls her father with Isabel answering, then hanging up. Isabel gets the children a golden retriever puppy and Anna says she is allergic to dogs. Isabel apologizes and says that her father didnt tell her that. Later, she is shown outside her room, taking the dog inside, indicating that she lied about her allergy. Later, Isabel and Anna begin to bond over painting. Later Jackie, having agreed to give Isabel one last chance to prove herself fit to care for the kids, asks Isabel to pick them up from school. Isabel agrees, then asks if she could take Anna to see a popular rock band that she likes so she can bond with her. Jackie declines, saying she is too young to go to a rock concert on a school night. A few weeks later, Jackie surprises Anna with tickets to the same concert and Anna is thrilled and calls her the coolest mom ever. Jackie says it was a good idea and thanks her heartlessly. Isabel is outraged but does not show it and tearfully tells her to have a good time tonight and leaves. ........

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