Stone Bros.

Stone Bros. is an Aboriginal Australian stoner comedy film. It was theatrically released in Australia onSeptember 2009.

When his cousin Charlie Burchill trades away Eddies favourite jacket, he unwittingly loses a sacred stone, entrusted to Eddie by his uncle, which he promised to one day return to its home in Kalgoorlie. This is the final straw, as far as Eddie is concerned, and he sets off to recover the stone and reconnect with his aboriginal roots. Charlie, escaping the wrath of his vengeful girlfriend, forces himself along for the ride, and Eddies spiritual journey takes a very sharp turn offtrack.Along the way, they pick up what Charlie mistakes for a hot chick only to find they are landed with Vinnie del Torro, a selfdescribed Italian rock star. Soon after they are joined by Eddie and Charlies transgender cousin Regina Page, who dreams of making it big on the Koori edition of Australian Idol, and a confused European Australian cop Phelps who dreams of going walkabout. ........

Source: Wikipedia