Stormbreaker (film)

Stormbreaker is a 2006 British action spy film based on Anthony Horowitzs novel of the same name, the first novel in the Alex Rider series and stars Alex Pettyfer in the title role. The film also stars Mickey Rourke, Bill Nighy, Sophie Okenedo, Alicia Silverstone, Sarah Bolger, Stephen Fry and Ewan McGregor. In the U.S., the film was promotionally named Alex Rider Operation Stormbreaker. The film was intended to be the first of a series of Alex Rider films, but no further films have been made since, due to poor box office returns.

He is then recruited by his uncles former employers, Alan Blunt and Mrs. Jones of the Special Operations Division of MI6, who explain to Alex that his uncle has been training him as a spy. Alex initially refuses to cooperate but agrees when they threaten to not renew the visa and deport his babysitter now legal guardian Jack. Alex is then sent to a military training camp near Credenhill, the home of the Special Air Service. At first, his fellow trainees look down on him because of his age, but he soon gains their respect for his capabilities.He sets off on his first mission, aided by gadgets from Smithers. The American billionaire Darrius Sayle is donating free highpowered computer systems codenamed Stormbreaker to every school in the United Kingdom. MI6 are suspicious of his seemingly generous plans and send Alex undercover as a competition winner to investigate. There, he meets Sayle himself and his two accomplices, Mr. Grin and Nadia Vole, and is shown the Stormbreaker computer in action. Later, while Alex is having dinner with Sayle, the suspicious Vole steals Alexs phone and tracks the SIM card to his house in Chelsea. She goes there and finds Alexs true identity while there, she is disturbed by and consequently fights Jack. Despite being outclassed, Jack wins with the help of a blowfish, leaving Nadia to flee the scene. Still troubled by the events, Alex sneaks out of his bedroom window to observe a midnight delivery of mysterious containers to Sayles lair. ........

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