Sur la piste du Marsupilami

HOUBA On the Trail of the Marsupilami original title Sur la Piste du Marsupilami is a 2012 French CGIanimatedliveaction hybrid family comedy film based on the comics series Marsupilami by Andr Franquin.

Meanwhile, 80yearold botanist Hermoso discovers a beautiful but rare orchid, in which the Marsupilami uses to cradle its eggs, manages to condense it into a liquid and drinks it, turning him to an early adult age. With the help of Caporal, a Palombian Army officer, he performs a coup dtat and imprisons General Pochero, the current dictator with a love for Celine Dion, while he plans to capture the Marsupilami, which had earlier stolen Hermosos samples and is planned to be trained to take more orchids for Hermoso to stay young.Dan and Pablito, after tracking in the jungle, are captured by the Paya. In their temple, they meet the beautiful Queen Paya, who gives a prophecy of the Marsupilami seen as the Guardian of the Jungle being threatened by the man with two faces. They are released, but after Dan insults Pablito and reveals that he isnt paying him, the two get into an argument and separate. ........

Source: Wikipedia