Kaaki Sattai English Tan Uniform is a 2015 Indian Tamil action masala film cowritten and directed by R. S. Durai Senthilkumar and produced by Dhanush, their second collaboration after Ethir Neechal 2013. The film features Sivakarthikeyan and Sri Divya in the lead roles. The films music was composed by Anirudh Ravichander. The story revolves around police constable Mathimaran who wants to prove himself as a true, powerful cop by finding ways to solve issues of corruption in the law and order system in the department of police.

Mathimaran Sivakarthikeyan is a police constable who only reports to work and goes home daily without contributing anything useful to the society as his boss, Inspector Sathyamurthy Prabhu doesnt want to get on the wrong side of the upper levels of the police, who are corrupt and politically influenced, and is also unwilling to rock the present system due to past experience. Mathimaran and his fellow policemen never get any cases as a result, much to his irritation.Mathimaran falls in love with Divya Sri Divya, who works as a nurse in a hospital, but hides his occupation from her as her family hates police officers. With her help, he finds out about an illegal organ donation racket orchestrated by Durai Vijay Raaz, a politician, and Dr. Devasagayam Yog Japee, who is the chairman of the hospital where Divya works. They capture sick and injured migrant workers from North India, make them brain dead by administering them carbon monoxide instead of oxygen and then harvest their organs which they sell abroad for huge amounts of money. This organ donation scam gives Mathimaran his first real case, and he takes it on with enthusiasm, due to Sathyamurthy being killed in a bomb blast including Durais father. ........

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