Tamara Drewe (film)

Tamara Drewe is a 2010 comedy feature film directed by Stephen Frears.

Set in Ewedown, a fictitious village in Dorset, England. Tamara Drewe, a young and attractive journalist, returns home with the intention of selling her nowdeceased mothers house which she has inherited, and in which she grew up. Locals are amazed at the improvement in her appearance after she had a rhinoplasty while away. Andy had been interested in her when she was a girl, and when he sees her now it is clear he is attracted to her.Across the valley is a neighbours home where authors retreat to work on their stories. The owner, Nicholas, is a prolific crime novelist and a serial philanderer, while his wife Beth provides food, lodging, and encouragement for her patrons. At one point Nicholas embarks on an affair with Tamara, after she finishes with rockband drummer Ben, whose dog Boss enjoys chasing cows. Andy has been asked by Tamara to work on the house so she can sell it, and he becomes aware of the affairs, as do two local teenage schoolgirls Jody and Casey who cause some havoc due to their childish jealousy of Tamara. ........

Source: Wikipedia