Taxi (1998 film)

Taxi is a 1998 French actioncomedy film starring Samy Naceri, written by Luc Besson, and directed by Grard Pirs.

Daniel Samy Naceri is the fastest delivery man for the local pizza parlor Pizza Joe in Marseille, France. On the last day of work, he sets a new speed record, then leaves the job to pursue a new career as a taxi driver with the blessings of his boss and coworkers. Daniels vehicle is a white 1997 Peugeot 406. The car is equipped with various racing modifications such as racing tires, a splitter and spoiler that are concealed until he wants to travel quickly. Daniel is just as skilled with a car as he is with a motorcycle, and has a complete disregard for speed limits. His girlfriend Lilly Marion Cotillard is supportive of his job change, although she is unhappy that he now spends less and less time with her.Daniels first customer, an elderly woman named Camille, has a son named milien Frdric Diefenthal, a young police detective. milien is clumsy and has just failed his 8th drivers test. At work, noone takes him seriously, including police Sergeant Petra Emma Sjberg, on whom he harbors an unrequited crush. Commissioner Gibert Bernard Farcy briefs the team on a new case. A German gang of robbers who successfully committed a series of highprofile robberies in Belgium, Netherlands and Germany is now in France. The gang is known for their highly methodical and effective strategy, skilled driving and their usage of red MercedesBenz 500E cars as escape vehicles. Anticipating the robbers move, Gibert places police officers and militia in civilian cars outside the targeted bank. After the robbers entered the bank, milien, who takes part in the stakeout, accidentally causes a huge traffic accident. Due to the confusion, another convoy of cars the French Ministers escort start firing at the officers, and the robbers escape. ........

Source: Wikipedia