Tenaliraman (film)

Tenaliraman previously titled Jagajala Pujabala Tenaliraman is a 2014 Tamil historical fiction political satire comedy film directed by Yuvaraj Dhayalan of Potta Potti fame. Vadivelu stars in this film in dual roles. Meenakshi Dixit plays the heroine in the film.

The film then introduces Tenaliraman Vadivelu as the witty common man who captures a gang of thieves led by Besant Nagar Ravi and teaches them a lesson. He then takes off for Vikata Nagaram where he meets the feisty Princess Maadhulai Meenakshi Dixit, daughter of the King of Vikata Nagaram, and defeats her in an arm wrestling competition.The films plot then shifts to the King Vadivelu again, as the King of Vikata Nagaram, who is ruling over his kingdom along with his nine ministers, whom he claims to be the Navarathnams nine jewels of his court. The most interesting aspect is that the King has a rather large family comprisingwives and 52 children and is confined mostly to his palace. He believes his people are happy based on the sayings and reports of his ministers. In reality, the people are being robbed and cheated by the corrupt ministers and are living in poverty. During his administration, he realizes the absence of Nandivarma Rayar and asks about it to his ministers, who reply that he had died. The King then declares that a new minister be appointed in Nandivarma Rayars stead. The guards then announce the news in public. Tenaliraman overhears the news and goes to the palace as a candidate for Nandivarma Rayars post. ........

Source: Wikipedia