The Adventures of Mark Twain (1944 film)

The Adventures of Mark Twain is a 1944 American biographical film starring Fredric March as Samuel Clemens Mark Twain and Alexis Smith as his wife, Olivia. It was produced at Warner Brothers, and directed by Irving Rapper, with music by Max Steiner.

A group of people are watching Halleys Comet overhead when Judge Clemens is called away for the birth of his son, Samuel Clemens. The film proceeds to mix in elements of many of Clemens bestknown stories as if they actually occurred. Thus, as he grows up, Sam plays with his friends Huck, Tom, and the slave boy Jim on a raft on the Mississippi, providing a fictitious reallife basis for the novels Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.The teenage Sam goes to work for his brother Orion, publisher of the Hannibal Journal newspaper, at his nowwidowed mothers urging, but after three unhappy years, runs away to become a river boat pilot. After a rough start, he thrives under the tutelage of Captain Horace Bixby and becomes a highly skilled pilot on the Mississippi River. ........

Source: Wikipedia