The Adventures of Pinocchio (1996 film)

The Adventures of Pinocchio is a 1996 British family fantasy comedy film based on Carlo Collodis original novel of the same name, directed by Steve Barron and starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Martin Landau and Udo Kier.

During the meeting, however, Pinocchio accidentally falls out of the window and ends up following a group of children to the local school, where he becomes fascinated by learning, but he gets into a scuffle with Lampwick Corey Carrier and his friend Saleo Richard Claxton who bully him and prompt him to assault them. When Pinocchio lies about it, his nose begins growing longer. The Professor John Sessions punishes Pinocchio by forcing him to leave the school. Out of bitterness, Pinocchio causes a commotion in a bakery in which the bakers wife Dawn French causes more damage than the puppet. Geppetto is held responsible for the puppets actions and is arrested. While Geppetto spends the night in a prison cell, Pinocchio returns home and meets the voice of truth in the form of a wise and optimistic cricket named Pepe voiced by David Doyle. He promises to help Pinocchio to become a real boy, if he will start behaving properly. The next day, Geppetto and Pinocchio stand before the judge voiced by Jerry Hadley as the bakers wife sways the court in her favor. The judge rules that unless Geppetto can pay for the damages, he will be sent to a debtors prison for three years. Lorenzini steps in and offers to pay off the debt, on the condition that Pinocchio be handed over to his custody. Geppetto strongly refuses but eventually gives in, believing that perhaps the puppet will be better off that way.Pinocchio comes to enjoy the theater and also comes to believe that Lorenzini loves him as much as his father did, especially after receiving few golden coins from him. Though Pepe tells him that Lorenzini is just using him for riches and fame. Pinocchio comes to realize this as he performs in Lorenzinis play, and manages to save several puppets from being burned by the cruel Lorenzini. As he escapes, he accidentally sets the theater aflame. He floats away down the river, passing through the woodlands to a quiet monastery. Volpe and Felinet catch up with him and manage to swindle him

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