The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

Bad Lieutenant Port of Call New Orleans also known as The Bad Lieutenant Port of Call New Orleans is a 2009 American crime drama film directed by Werner Herzog and starring Nicolas Cage, Eva Mendes, Tom Bower, Jennifer Coolidge, Alvin Xzibit Joiner, Val Kilmer, and Brad Dourif. The film takes its title from Abel Ferraras 1992 film, Bad Lieutenant however, according to Herzog, the film is neither a sequel nor a remake, but instead a reimagining. Both Bad Lieutenant films were produced by Edward R. Pressman.

August 2005, New Orleans, Louisiana. Terence McDonagh Nicolas Cage is a New Orleans Police Sergeant. While cleaning out a locker after Hurricane Katrina, he notices that a prisoner may not have been transferred. When he finds the prisoner about to drown, he mocks him before eventually jumping in the water to save him. He is promoted to lieutenant and given a medal for his work, but has suffered a serious back injury because of the rescue. As a result, he is prescribed Vicodin which he will most likely need to take for the rest of his life to manage the pain.Six months later, McDonagh is now not only addicted to painkillers, but is habitually using several other drugs including cocaine and cannabis. He has convinced a person that works in the police department to bring him drugs sent to the evidence room. His girlfriend Frankie Donnenfeld Eva Mendes, a prostitute, also does cocaine and they often share drugs. He has also become estranged from his father Pat Tom Bower, a recovering alcoholic who can only bring himself to attend to his Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and nothing else, and his alcoholic stepmother, Genevieve Jennifer Coolidge. Over the course of the film, he uses his position as an officer to bully people and steal more drugs. ........

Source: Wikipedia