The Big Clock (film)

The Big Clock is a 1948 film noir thriller directed by John Farrow, and adapted by renowned novelistscreenwriter Jonathan Latimer from the novel of the same name by Kenneth Fearing.

The story is told in flashback. When it begins, George Stroud Ray Milland, editorinchief of Crimeways magazine, is shown hiding from building security behind the big clock the largest and most sophisticated clock ever built, which dominates the lobby of the giant publishing company where he works, Janoth Publications in New York City.Stroud is eager to spend more time with his wife Maureen OSullivan and plans a longpostponed vacation from his job. He sticks to those plans despite being fired for it by his tyrannical publishing boss, Earl Janoth Charles Laughton. Instead of meeting his wife at the train station as planned, however, Stroud finds himself preoccupied with the attention being shown him by Janoths glamorous mistress, Pauline York Rita Johnson, who proposes a blackmail plan against Janoth. When Stroud misses their scheduled train, his wife angrily leaves without him, so he begins drinking and spends the evening out on the town with York. ........

Source: Wikipedia