The Big Empty (2003 film)

The Big Empty is a 2003 drama film directed and written by Steve Anderson. It stars Jon Favreau as a struggling actor with a bizarre request from his neighbor to deliver a suitcase that he cannot open. While there, he meets an unusual cast of characters, and starts to think this delivery might be more than it seems.

In Baker, he checks into the Royal Hawaiian Motel where he meets Elron, the peppy manager, who tells him that John has just missed meeting Cowboy, and describes him as wearing a big, stupid black duster and a black Stetson. Looking for a drink, John meets the bartender Stella, and is immediately held at gunpoint by the hottempered Randy, who thinks John is after his girlfriend. Later that night, a young girl named Ruthie comes to Johns hotel room and gives back his wallet that he dropped in the bar, and they hit it off. Later, John finds that Ruthie is Randys girlfriend.The next day, John goes to a diner and meets Dan, who tells a lot of tall tales and conspiracy theories about what goes on in the desert. Later, John meets Ruthie outside a gas station, where he buys her some beer and Jack Daniels whiskey, and a can of whipped cream. Then, they drive out to Devils Crest lake bed far out of town. She describes how RVs and people disappear without a trace out there. The two then get drunk, mostly on a mixture of Jack Daniels and whipped cream. Ruthie gets sick and faints, so John drives her home to Stellas bar. ........

Source: Wikipedia