The Big House (1930 film)

The Big House is a 1930 American PreCode crime drama film directed by George Hill and released by MetroGoldwynMayer. The stars are Chester Morris, Wallace Beery, Lewis Stone, Robert Montgomery, Leila Hyams, George F. Marion and J. C. Nugent. The story and dialogue were written by Frances Marion, with additional dialogue by Joe Farnham and Martin Flavin. Although the primary source is not mentioned in the films credits, the screenplay was based on the 1926 original story, The Big House by Lennox Robinson.

Kent Robert Montgomery, a young lawabiding man kills someone while driving drunk, is sentenced to ten years for manslaughter. In an overcrowded prison designed for 1800 and actually holding 3000, he is placed in a cell with Butch Wallace Beery and Morgan Chester Morris, the two leaders of the inmates. Butch is alternately menacing and friendly, while Morgan tries to help out the frightened, inexperienced youngster, but Kent rebuffs his overtures.When Butch is ordered into solitary confinement for sparking a protest over the prison food, he passes along his knife before being searched. It ends up in Kents hands. Meanwhile, Morgan is notified that he is to be paroled. Prior to a search of their cell, Kent hides the knife in Morgans bed. When it is found, Morgans parole is canceled, and he is put in solitary as well. He vows to make Kent pay for what he has done. ........

Source: Wikipedia