The Big Operator (1959 film)

The Big Operator aka Anatomy of the Syndicate is a 1959 crimedrama film starring Mickey Rooney as a corrupt union boss, with Steve Cochran, Mel Torme and Mamie Van Doren as costars.

Plant workers and friends Bill Gibson and Fred McAfee are accidental eyewitnesses to Wetzels presence at the crime scene. Braun pleads the Fifth Amendment during his Senate testimony and vehemently denies knowing the mob enforcer Wetzel. But with a perjury charge facing him, Braun is made aware that Gibson and McAfee could potentially put him behind bars.A reign of terror against the two men begins. They are harassed at work and then fired on false grounds. McAfee is set afire and nearly dies from the burns. Gibson and wife Mary panic after their son Timmy is taken captive. ........

Source: Wikipedia