The Big Picture (1989 film)

The Big Picture is a 1989 American comedy film starring Kevin Bacon and directed by Christopher Guest.

Nicks also got a good girlfriend Emily Longstreth by his side and a best friend Michael McKean who is a struggling cinematographer. But when Nick experiences seduction to the Hollywood lifestyle, he changes on his friends and family. It doesnt help that hes got a smarmy agent Martin Short, a starlet Teri Hatcher playing with his mind and the grim reminder that his lesstalented and more selfsatisfied classmates are working successfully in Hollywood.After betraying his friend and girlfriend and compromising his principles, Nick ends up abandoned and desperate after Habel is replaced in a studio upheaval. A struggling Nick endeavors to restore the relationships in his life, and a kooky but loyal friend Jennifer Jason Leigh, a classmate of Nicks, ultimately proves to be a savior to his career. ........

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