The Big Sleep (1978 film)

The Big Sleep is a 1978 film, the second film version of Raymond Chandlers 1939 novel of the same name. The picture was directed by Michael Winner and stars Robert Mitchum in his second feature film portrayal of the detective Philip Marlowe. The cast includes Sarah Miles, Candy Clark, Joan Collins, and Oliver Reed, also featuring James Stewart as General Sternwood.

In 1970s England, private detective Philip Marlowe Robert Mitchum is asked to the stately home of General Sternwood James Stewart, who hires Marlowe to learn who is blackmailing him. While at the mansion, he meets the Generals spoiled and inquisitive daughter Charlotte Sarah Miles and wild younger daughter Camilla Candy Clark.Marlowes investigation of the homosexual pornographer Arthur Geiger John Justin leads him to Geigers employee, Agnes Lozelle Joan Collins, and to a man she has taken up with, Joe Brody Edward Fox. He also discovers Camilla at the scene of Geigers murder, where she has posed for nude photographs, and takes her home safely to a grateful Charlotte. ........

Source: Wikipedia