The Black Ninja

The Black Ninja is a 2003 American martial arts action film written, directed and starring Clayton Prince, and featuring Carla Brothers, Nicky DeMatteo, Yuki Matsuzaki, Heather Hunter, John Canada Terrell and Michael Chance. The film has been called a modernday Blaxploitation film, however, it received very poor reviews from critics. After a limited theatrical release, it went straighttoDVD and distributed worldwide in January 2003. The sequel Black Ninja Take Two was released as a direct download February 2015.

Primarily financed by Clayton Prince, filming began in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and ended after two weeks. Critics noted that the rush to finish the film drastically affected its overall quality, much of which could have been cleaned up postproduction editing, leaving it looking unfinished and more like an amateur, student film. An hourlong Making of documentary was produced and included on the DVD following its release. It gave a behind the scenes look on the set of a lowbudget film and featured many of the cast and crew voicing their opinions on the lack of opportunity in the film industry in regards to race.The Black Ninja was given a limited theatrical release on November 2, 2002, and distributed worldwide on DVD on January 14, 2003. The film was heavily criticized for its apparent lack of martial arts choreography and generally poor quality of the story, acting and cinematography. ........

Source: Wikipedia