The Boat That Rocked

The Boat That Rocked retitled Pirate Radio in North America, Good Morning England in France, Radio Rock Revolution in Germany, Rock Wave in CIS region, and I Love Radio Rock in Italy is a 2009 British comedy film written and directed by Richard Curtis, with pirate radio in the United Kingdom during the 1960s as its setting. The film has an ensemble cast featuring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bill Nighy, Rhys Ifans, Nick Frost, and Kenneth Branagh. Set in 1966, it tells the story of the fictitious pirate radio station Radio Rock and its crew of eclectic disc jockeys, who broadcast rock and pop music to the United Kingdom from a ship anchored in the North Sea while the British government endeavours to shut them down. It was produced by Working Title Films for Universal Pictures, and was filmed on the Isle of Portland and at Shepperton Studios.

In 1966, numerous pirate radio stations broadcast to the United Kingdom from ships anchored in international waters, specialising in rock and pop music that is not played on BBC Radio. Seventeenyearold Carl Tom Sturridge, recently expelled from school, is sent to stay with his godfather Quentin Bill Nighy, who runs the station Radio Rock anchored in the North Sea. The eclectic crew of disc jockeys and staffers, led by the brash American DJ The Count Philip Seymour Hoffman, quickly accept Carl as one of their own.In London, government minister Sir Alistair Dormandy Kenneth Branagh resolves to shut down pirate radio stations due to their commercialism and low morals, instructing his subordinate Twatt Jack Davenport to find legal loopholes that will serve this end. They attempt to cut off the stations revenue by prohibiting British businesses from advertising on unlicenced radio stations. Quentin counters this by bringing massively popular DJ Gavin Kavanagh Rhys Ifans out of retirement and onto Radio Rock, enticing his advertisers to work around the law by paying their bills from abroad. Gavins popularity creates a rivalry between himself and The Count, who was initially brought to Radio Rock as Gavins replacement. ........

Source: Wikipedia